VLSP’s mission is to provide a quality service to the animal food industry.  VLSP seeks to enhance and expand the slaughter and processing opportunities for producers of all sizes. Through modernization, adaptation, communication and education, VLSP will help meat producers penetrate markets that provide future growth and profitability. Our goal is also to protect the reputation and recognition of Vermont products as a quality brand that is sought by consumers locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. 

Carl Cushing is the owner and proprietor of VLSP.  The site at 76 Depot Road was previously operated by the Clark family as a slaughter/processing facility for close to 30 years.  Prior to operating the Ferrisburgh facility, Carl served for 32 years with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets Division.  He began as a Meat Inspector in 1975 and ended his tenure as Director of Meat Inspection Services from 2001 – 2007.   Carl comes from a family of meat cutters and brings over 40 years of experience in meat processing and meat inspection to the business.

Vermont Livestock is proud to employ several generations of meat processing families to make VLSP work the way it does. Vermont Livestock is:

Carl Cushing, Owner, Proprietor, and General Manager, 50+ years experience

Karen Cushing, Clerical and Meat Wrapper, 10+ years experience

Ryan Cushing, Meat Cutter and HACCP Coordinator, 30+ years experience

Danny Clark, Production Manager and AWA Coordinator, 40+ years of experience  

Jerry Clark, Meatcutter, 45+ years of experience

Craig Linke, Meatcutter, 30+ years of experience

Bob Friend, Meat Cutter

Rich Garabedian, Packer and Cutter

Calvin Forest-Kennett, Apprentice